Employer-sponsored retirement plans

that work

We are an independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisory & Retirement Plan Consulting firm based in Alamo, California that focuses on mid-sized institutional retirement plans. We do not sell anything. We do not sell lofty dreams, we do not sell any products – financial, non-financial, proprietary, nonproprietary or otherwise. We do not broker anything nor do we have any behind-the-scenes marketing arrangements or relationships that can lead to conflicts of interest. Our loyalty rests exclusively with our clients - Plan Sponsors and their Participants - and no one else.

A fiduciary consulting firm, we specialize in fiduciary evaluation and guidance to retirement plan sponsors and their investment review committees. Consultants to both qualified and nonqualified defined contribution and defined benefit plans, we help design and implement optimal plan structures, flexible architecture investment platforms and fiduciary liability management systems.

We are among a select group of retirement plan professionals uniquely trained and qualified to assist plan sponsors meet the retirement planning needs of their plans' beneficiaries, using thorough, diligent, well-defined processes and open architecture platforms.

Retirement is what happens to life – sooner or later, in one form or another. It cannot be ignored. Preparing clients for this eventuality on their own terms – in their own time and with dignity - is what we are all about. Toward this end we work with select individuals and families to help marshal, guide and manage their financial resources toward their desired long term goal. We work with both private individuals as well as small business employers who wish to help their employees successfully achieve this goal.

Private Wealth management

with a difference

We are a true wealth management firm, not an asset gatherer. We do not use preconceived investment models or a cookie-cutter approach to investment management, Our investment philosophy and practices are based on extensive research identifying sources of systematic risk and return that offer insight into the process of optimizing portfolios. Our objective is to tailor portfolios that offer the opportunity of outperforming the global market indexes without accepting additional risk. We believe that investing success results from capturing risks that generate expected return and reducing risks of investments that do not generate acceptable returns for a given level of risk.

To achieve our clients' goals, we tailor each client's portfolio to his or her exact objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon, spreading risk globally to attain the highest probability of success in today's uncertain times. All portfolios are uniquely tailored to meet our client's long-term financial objectives. As your needs change so will you portfolio.

 We use a "core and satellite" approach rather than the traditional style boxes. The objectives of our approach are to:

  • Customize the portfolio to the investor's particular circumstances and preferences.
  • Minimize investor tax liability by defining and implementing an ongoing protective tax plan.
  • Seek market returns and mitigate portfolio risk through diversification.
  •  Maximize portfolio after-tax returns by minimizing constituent turnover, investor tax liability and management costs.

What we have to offer

Client experience with singular devotion to unmatched client service, integrity and fiduciary responsibility.


We offer

      • Fiduciary training and education to Plan Sponsors/Plan committees
      • Participant counseling on how to prepare for successful retirement
      • Meaningful and creative design solutions
      • Outcome focused behavior modification and investment solutions
      • Client centricity